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RACHEL COMEY, Legion Pants


CARLEEN, Reestyle Shirtdress

PRIORY - Hima Shirt

EMERSON FRY - Open Toe Slide

7115 BY SZEKI - Signature Racerback Maxi

EMERSON FRY - Luxe Emerson T

MYKITA - Maison Margiela 'mmesse010' Sunglasses


Basics. Staples. The ubiquitous style uniform. Many women hear these words and think sameness. A lack of individual essence. Many fashion magazines reinforce this, featuring product roundups with little or no distinction. And many of us accept it, this ease of repetition, in exchange for our imagination and experimentation. Or personal reinvention and discovery.

And yet.

There is something to be said for knowing yourself and your style preferences. Perhaps despite season or trend, you desire tailored jackets. Or you might be known among friends for eye-catching adornments that set your otherwise simple ensemble apart. When a much-loved object or silhouette becomes part of your uniform, it is of course easier to get dressed, to hone your style and, yes, to shop.

But what is the middle ground, between thoughtful repetition of iconic, personal pieces and mindless dressing? The designers at Idun embrace this reinvention of uniform. And it carries a lot of weight with us, mostly because it can be done on a timeline that fits anyone’s preference.

Small reinventions, with an eye toward our personal style — both current and aspirational — and added to our daily staples can take many forms. A simple white button-up with an interesting, rounded hem. Or a well-made pair of jeans with eye-catching closures. It’s the elevation of a simple design, without sacrificing comfort, longevity or wearability.

We have selected a handful of pieces from the shop that fit this definition for you to review. We encourage you to consider them, ask us questions, and become curious about how one or all could be incorporated into the foundation of your wardrobe.

We believe it’s smaller reinventions like these that are most influential in one’s daily life and we look forward to sharing more opportunities to grow, reinvent and transform the way we all think about timeless, effortless style from season to season in posts ahead.


1 / RACHEL COMEY, Legion Pants

2 / MARTINIANO, Glove Shoe

3 / CARLEEN, Reestyle Shirtdress

4 / PRIORY, Hima Shirt

5 / EMERSON FRY, Open Toe Slide

6 / 7115 BY SZEKI, Signature Racerback Maxi

7 / EMERSON FRY, Luxe Emerson T

8 / MYKITA, Maison Margiela 'mmesse010' Sunglasses

9 / RACHEL COMEY, Zia Trench



Three Word PoemThree Word Poem inspired by Hillary Brue,
Idun's Shop Manager.


Brooke Holm - PhotographerPROVOKE
To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 
/ A Brief History of the Mule / "Charting the shoe's journey from boudoir to the runway … Madame de Pompadour in her mules, walking around Versailles, click click click … Can you think of anything more exquisite?" AnOther.
/ Is Fashion Modern? / A video prelude to the eponymous exhibit organized to "ponder the relationships between clothing and functionality, cultural etiquettes, aesthetics, politics, labor, economy, and technology. Museum of Modern Art.
Brooke Holm / With a considered approach to each assignment, Holm’s work is recognisable for its clarity and distinct emotive qualities. Portfolio.
/ Five Super-Simple Swimsuit Brands to Know / Swimwear from some of Idun's favorite designers is being featured in T Magazine, including Baserange and  Gina Esposito of Nu Swim: "The ease of pulling it on and off and feeling great is the most important thing to me." T Magazine.
/ Frankie Cosmos, Next Thing / "As a singer, she’s perfected an inimitable vocal delivery that is willfully off-center, out-of-focus, and matter-of-fact." Currently one of our favorite artists in the shop. Pitchfork.
Image: Brooke Holm.


To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 
/ Bird in a Cage / "Those who travel with the current will always feel they are good swimmers; those who swim against the current may never realize they are better swimmers than they imagine." Harper's.
/ Five Female Artists Turning Hotel Selfies Into Art / "Hotels are somewhere you can check in to, but also somewhere to check out to." Amuse.
/ Interview: Francesco Manacorda, Artistic Director at Tate Liverpool / "It is very important for me to start programming an institution as a mediator between the public, the art and the artists." Independent Map Co.
/ Missoni Art Colour / Zig zags, stripes, vibrant combinations; in an age where fashion houses have moved beyond having a 'specialism' in, perhaps, leather or embroidery, Missoni has ownership of a unique signature. So It Goes.
/ Solange Previews Project for The Tate / "Creating and composing something special for the Tate..." Oyster.
Image: Amuse


Compromise. Softness. Essence.

Three Word Poem inspired by Rachel Schultz,
Idun's associate creative.


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