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To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ Cecily Brown: “Madrepora” / “An immersive experience is projected through layers of paint in the hope that the viewer may lose themselves while decoding the compositions and obscurities. Garage.

/ Look Again /
“One can already see all around Paris...figures of young women stand out because they look so outrageously ‘natural’...there’s nothing extra to deny the form of the body; the effect of a coloured hat, a belt, high patent-leather gauntlets that gallantly protect slender arms, a fluffy bow of Angora wool that wraps tenderly around the neck, are added in such a way that they appear thoroughly germane and necessary.” Frieze.

/ Meet Shaun Russel, Founder of Skandinavisk / How did it all start? What is the philosophy behind the brand? What is it about Scandinavia that he loves so much? Nordic Design.

/ Luigi Ghirri’s Brilliant Photographic Puzzles / “His constellation of favored themes is distinct: maps, landscapes, windows, still lifes, interiors, fog, the seaside, the objects in artists’ studios, people obscured in some way and many images that test the divide between the world and an image of the world. New York Times.

/ Blood Orange, Augustine / A deep dive into sound, songwriting and theater. Includes a link to preview the band’s newest album. Pigeons & Planes.

Image: Cecily Brown, Thomas Dane Gallery.


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