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To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 

/ Kika Karadi: Time and Monstrosity / "Just as motion is more than the sum of successive positions in space, duration is not encompassed by the series of successive moments that seem to comprise it. This is why our experience of time varies so wildly from the hours, minutes, and seconds measured by the clock. It is not that our mental state skews our perception of time; rather, it is the chronological subdivision of time that fails to capture our participation in time, as well as our experience of it." Portfolio.

/ The Many Pleasures of Reading Donald Britton's Poems / 

Tonight you are privy
To the stars’ most intimate
Thoughts about you. Under
Their menace, edges of furniture
Seem like old news
As tears fall single file.


/ Sui Park Creates Sea Creatures from Cable Ties / “It is an abstract representation of objects or concepts that recreates our surroundings.” Blouin Artinfo.

/ Scroll, Skim, Stare / "Art – like all cultural production – has a complicated status online. It becomes ‘content,' that catchall phrase for the stuff that advertising is sold around. And that is also the condition in which art is viewed: as part of a mass." The White Review.

/ Video Premiere: 'Go Ahead,' from Pillow Person / "A dance-infused pop song you're gonna want to wake up to all summer." i-D.

Image: Sui Park, Summer Sculpture Showcase.


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