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Provoke. 11.



To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ Capturing the Altered State Between Wakefulness and Sleep / “Wistful, meditative, surreal and hopeful – a bit like dreams themselves.” AnOther

/ Pocket Notes / “Pockets are representative of a present absence or of an absent presence. Of a sometimes-unbearable state of knowing where something could or would go, or did go.” Vestoj

/ Lovesick: Dancing in the Dusk / “An object lesson in the powerful possibilities of movement explored outside of a traditional dance setting.” Nowness

/ Meet Shaun Russel, Founder of Skandinavisk / “People driven by a vision, a passion, a curiosity, and a determination; people with a mission.” Nordic Design

/ Eat Your Art Out / “Experiment the taste and taste the experience.” Faddy Boombah


Provoke. 10 .



To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ KIMMO METSÄRANTA 'NOTES ON A PLACE' / “The images are isolated abstractions, modified interpretations, bare structures with only the essentials left.” Pitch-Present

/ Gold Collar / “I invent a mirror in an empty booth. I invent a charge of pinned down quarters and cut off shirtsleeves.” Vestoj

/ The Way We Dress: The Transformative Power of Clothes / “Our sartorial choices manifest as an extension of ourselves, a reflection of our personalities – whether or not we are wholly aware of this.” Nowness

/ A Beloved Swedish Outerwear Brand Settles in New York / “Alexander Stutterheim — who founded the brand with Loman in 2010 — drew initial inspiration from a classic 1960s fisherman’s raincoat that belonged to his grandfather.” NY Times

/ Moments of Depth: What Makes A Memorable Image / “It’s the quiet, everyday, ordinary sort of little pictures that stick that fascinate me, the ones that are harder to explain.” Aeon



Skott reveals jaw-dropping pop ballad “Wolf” ahead of live debut in SwedenPROVOKE


To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 

/ The Antihero's New Clothes / "A nuanced, but controversial depiction of self-proclaimed feminist characters, whose often unspoken moral stance is gradually revealed to us through the language of clothes." Vestoj.

/ My 10 Favorite Books: Tilda Swinton / "Completely sick. In all the right ways." The New York Times. 

/ We've Forgotten the Power of Humility / "In listening to others, we run the risk of discovering that they know more than we do. But humble people see personal growth as a goal in itself, rather than as a means of moving up the social ladder. We miss out on a lot of available information if we focus only on ourselves and on our place in the world." Aeon.

/ Skott Reveals 'Wolf' Ahead of Live Sweden Debut / "Sometimes you can't control what you feel," says Skott of the song's meaning. "No matter how we change ourselves on the surface, there's an instinct inside of us we can't ignore." The Line of Best Fit.

/ 19th-Century Modern / "The jacquard was the first automatic machine for weaving patterns and images of any great complexity and, more than 200 years on, it remains a mainstay of the textile industry...The elaborate, intricate patterns created by a jacquard loom are an ever-present across furniture, accessories, garments and footwear. Disegno.





To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 

/ 29 Artists Explore Abstractions of the Color Black / "...meditations on a hue that exists socially and politically as one of the most charged constructions of identity and signifiers of a condition." The Creators Project.  

/ Aurora: 'I'm Not an Angel' / "The lofty ambitions of her aesthetic and the sonic realm she rules over have indeed had that very divisive reaction she was hoping for. So much so that the fanatical drive and dedication of her following has earned  them the official name of 'Warriors and Weirdos'." Gigwise.

/ The Secret Meaning of Food in Art / “I hope I plant a seed in my guests' minds to start detecting the infinite ways food is interwoven with most aspects of our lives,” says food expert Angelis Nannos. The Smithsonian

/ Susan Cianciolo, the '90s Artist-Designer Inspiring Eckhaus Latta / “There’s a lot more to say at times than just thinking about the clothing itself, and I think we both love putting on a fashion show.” W Magazine.

/ The Neuroscience of 'Cool' /  It’s an attitude, a term of approval, and today, as much as any of these things, it’s a game of superficially rebellious status-chasing, centered on consumerism. Quartz.

 Image: W Magazine.


INTERVIEW. Shaina Mote

This month Idun had the pleasure to interview L.A.-based designer Shaina Mote. Her eponymous label incorporates a monochromatic palette and clean lines with hints of unexpected and inventive details. Each piece is designed and constructed in Los Angeles. Shaina Mote is new to Idun this season and we hope you enjoy getting to know the designer behind one of our favorite brands on Selby Avenue.

What is your background? Is it specifically in fashion design?
My background is in pattern making, vintage buying and creative direction. Though I am a self-taught designer, these experiences directly fueled my ideas and process behind the creation of the line.

Did you ever doubt yourself as a designer? If so, do you have any advice for those trying to conquer similar doubts?
I still doubt myself all the time. I think doubt is a hurdle all creative people encounter. I believe that without taking risks and pushing into new territory creatively, culture suffers from stagnant ideas. I think the idea of taking a second look at something is beneficial and wise. However, I always have to be careful to not overwork an idea due to my own doubts about it.  

I think the search for perfection holds us back from reaching new potential collectively as a society. I find that when I can let go and not overwork an idea is when the outcome, reaction and feeling behind it is most authentic. I want to live in a world of authenticity—this is my personal motivation to overcome my doubts and move on with the seed of an idea.

What keeps you stable during the chaos of your work?
Palo Santo wood, chai tea, my dog Enzo and the amazing people I work with daily.

What people/place/things do you find yourself consistently going back to for inspiration?
Richard Serra’s installation work, the open sky in the Southwest, White Sands, NM, the music of Laaraji, the Picasso Museum in Paris, the ranch I grew up on...the list goes on.

If you weren’t a designerwhat other occupation could you see yourself in?
An architect or permaculture landscape designer.

> See the Shaina Mote Collection at Idun right here.


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