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To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 
/ Bird in a Cage / "Those who travel with the current will always feel they are good swimmers; those who swim against the current may never realize they are better swimmers than they imagine." Harper's.
/ Five Female Artists Turning Hotel Selfies Into Art / "Hotels are somewhere you can check in to, but also somewhere to check out to." Amuse.
/ Interview: Francesco Manacorda, Artistic Director at Tate Liverpool / "It is very important for me to start programming an institution as a mediator between the public, the art and the artists." Independent Map Co.
/ Missoni Art Colour / Zig zags, stripes, vibrant combinations; in an age where fashion houses have moved beyond having a 'specialism' in, perhaps, leather or embroidery, Missoni has ownership of a unique signature. So It Goes.
/ Solange Previews Project for The Tate / "Creating and composing something special for the Tate..." Oyster.
Image: Amuse


Compromise. Softness. Essence.

Three Word Poem inspired by Rachel Schultz,
Idun's associate creative.


To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 
Only Love Is Real_Design
/ Only Love Is Real / A celebration of elementary shapes, handmade construction, and a reminder that “only love is real…and it’s the law.” This Is Paper.
/ Q+A with Chef Magnus Nilsson / “What I do is document things that actually happened, and explain cultural occurrences mainly within food and mainly within the Nordic region — sometimes they turn out pretty to look at, too, which is an added bonus." Star Tribune.
/ W.D. Snodgrass, The Art of Poetry No. 68 / “You want to do something different. You want to do something new. And if you find that you’ve done that, of course that’s a satisfaction—for about ten minutes.” Paris Review.
/ Return to Film / Fashion photographers are shooting film to differentiate their work, regain control over their craft and find a more human pace. Business of Fasion.
/ Color in Context: Nude / Creating a more inclusive illustration of color and skin tone in fashion, music, and art. AnOther.


We are excited to introduce our first Three Word Poem, a new post series that asks the author to consider their closest ideas, hopes, dreams or circumstances, and then capture them in three single words.

Do they inspire a response?
Invite personal reflection? 

We hope so. 

The Chief Beauty About Time


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