To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 

/ Kika Karadi: Time and Monstrosity / "Just as motion is more than the sum of successive positions in space, duration is not encompassed by the series of successive moments that seem to comprise it. This is why our experience of time varies so wildly from the hours, minutes, and seconds measured by the clock. It is not that our mental state skews our perception of time; rather, it is the chronological subdivision of time that fails to capture our participation in time, as well as our experience of it." Portfolio.

/ The Many Pleasures of Reading Donald Britton's Poems / 

Tonight you are privy
To the stars’ most intimate
Thoughts about you. Under
Their menace, edges of furniture
Seem like old news
As tears fall single file.


/ Sui Park Creates Sea Creatures from Cable Ties / “It is an abstract representation of objects or concepts that recreates our surroundings.” Blouin Artinfo.

/ Scroll, Skim, Stare / "Art – like all cultural production – has a complicated status online. It becomes ‘content,' that catchall phrase for the stuff that advertising is sold around. And that is also the condition in which art is viewed: as part of a mass." The White Review.

/ Video Premiere: 'Go Ahead,' from Pillow Person / "A dance-infused pop song you're gonna want to wake up to all summer." i-D.

Image: Sui Park, Summer Sculpture Showcase.

Series III. Lookbook 1: REPETITION




To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ Cecily Brown: “Madrepora” / “An immersive experience is projected through layers of paint in the hope that the viewer may lose themselves while decoding the compositions and obscurities. Garage.

/ Look Again /
“One can already see all around Paris...figures of young women stand out because they look so outrageously ‘natural’...there’s nothing extra to deny the form of the body; the effect of a coloured hat, a belt, high patent-leather gauntlets that gallantly protect slender arms, a fluffy bow of Angora wool that wraps tenderly around the neck, are added in such a way that they appear thoroughly germane and necessary.” Frieze.

/ Meet Shaun Russel, Founder of Skandinavisk / How did it all start? What is the philosophy behind the brand? What is it about Scandinavia that he loves so much? Nordic Design.

/ Luigi Ghirri’s Brilliant Photographic Puzzles / “His constellation of favored themes is distinct: maps, landscapes, windows, still lifes, interiors, fog, the seaside, the objects in artists’ studios, people obscured in some way and many images that test the divide between the world and an image of the world. New York Times.

/ Blood Orange, Augustine / A deep dive into sound, songwriting and theater. Includes a link to preview the band’s newest album. Pigeons & Planes.

Image: Cecily Brown, Thomas Dane Gallery.


Murder, She Wore
To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 
/ Grounded / A short poem by Karen Harvey, inspired by early memories of oppression and a longing for freedom and adventure. Popshot Magazine.
/ Yara Flinn: On Quitting Fashion Week / "I worried too much about how the run of show is going to look, and I'm just like — this isn't what my brands, that's not what I want, I want easy clothes, I want everyday clothes, I want statement pieces that people are going to wear all the time." Fashionista.
/ Chance the Rapper Colors Outside the Lines / "Though mass-produced, a coloring book gives every person who utilizes it an opportunity to create their own version of reality. You can choose to use lighter or darker colors. You can draw inside the lines or stray away from the format. Either way we are all given some basic outline of how to exist, and we have to fill in that space with whatever makes the most sense to your personal experience." The Green Room / Walker Art Center. 
/ Murder, She Wore / Over 12 seasons solving mysteries, Jessica Fletcher occasionally wore something interesting. Tumblr.
/ John Waters: 'Stop Blaming Your Parents' / "I always feel bad when I meet celebrities and I can just tell every single thing about their personal life, I just say, 'Well, they don’t have friends. Or a therapist.' Once you have both, you don’t have to share everything with people, because then you don’t have a private life, and then you’re, I guess, a workaholic." The Talks.


RACHEL COMEY, Legion Pants


CARLEEN, Reestyle Shirtdress

PRIORY - Hima Shirt

EMERSON FRY - Open Toe Slide

7115 BY SZEKI - Signature Racerback Maxi

EMERSON FRY - Luxe Emerson T

MYKITA - Maison Margiela 'mmesse010' Sunglasses


Basics. Staples. The ubiquitous style uniform. Many women hear these words and think sameness. A lack of individual essence. Many fashion magazines reinforce this, featuring product roundups with little or no distinction. And many of us accept it, this ease of repetition, in exchange for our imagination and experimentation. Or personal reinvention and discovery.

And yet.

There is something to be said for knowing yourself and your style preferences. Perhaps despite season or trend, you desire tailored jackets. Or you might be known among friends for eye-catching adornments that set your otherwise simple ensemble apart. When a much-loved object or silhouette becomes part of your uniform, it is of course easier to get dressed, to hone your style and, yes, to shop.

But what is the middle ground, between thoughtful repetition of iconic, personal pieces and mindless dressing? The designers at Idun embrace this reinvention of uniform. And it carries a lot of weight with us, mostly because it can be done on a timeline that fits anyone’s preference.

Small reinventions, with an eye toward our personal style — both current and aspirational — and added to our daily staples can take many forms. A simple white button-up with an interesting, rounded hem. Or a well-made pair of jeans with eye-catching closures. It’s the elevation of a simple design, without sacrificing comfort, longevity or wearability.

We have selected a handful of pieces from the shop that fit this definition for you to review. We encourage you to consider them, ask us questions, and become curious about how one or all could be incorporated into the foundation of your wardrobe.

We believe it’s smaller reinventions like these that are most influential in one’s daily life and we look forward to sharing more opportunities to grow, reinvent and transform the way we all think about timeless, effortless style from season to season in posts ahead.


1 / RACHEL COMEY, Legion Pants

2 / MARTINIANO, Glove Shoe

3 / CARLEEN, Reestyle Shirtdress

4 / PRIORY, Hima Shirt

5 / EMERSON FRY, Open Toe Slide

6 / 7115 BY SZEKI, Signature Racerback Maxi

7 / EMERSON FRY, Luxe Emerson T

8 / MYKITA, Maison Margiela 'mmesse010' Sunglasses

9 / RACHEL COMEY, Zia Trench



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