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Hometown? Wayzata, MN

Favorite spot in the Twin Cities? Any piece of shoreline around Lake Minnetonka, a balcony seat at the Varsity Theater, or Baker Park Reserve, where I grew up cross-country skiing. 

Coffee, tea, or cocktail (and how do you take it)? A miel at Kopplin’s in St. Paul or hot toddy at The Happy Gnome (just across the street from Idun).
In a few words, explain your style: Always, always evolving. My husband says the technical term is “impossible to shop for,” which basically means that from one season to the next, I’m not going to confine myself to one silhouette, designer, or aesthetic. "Is it interesting?" I guess that’s the question that guides me these days.

Any daily rituals? A 6:30 a.m. snuggle with my son, Sam, followed by a strong cup of coffee. 

One piece of advice you’ve taken to heart: As someone who tends to overthink most things, I try to remember this line from Steve Martin in L.A. Story: "Let  your mind go and your body will follow."

WISHLIST: Skandinavisk Fragrance Diffuser NAT; Martiniano Glove Shoe in Olive; Rachel Comey Viscose Crew Socks in Rust; Golda Hiba Wood Incense; Samuji Qiana Sweater; Studio Nicholson Cornell Tunic; Jesse Kamm Block Top; Knobbly Studio Line Surface Ear CuffSamuji Salan Skirt.

Which is your favorite? Honestly, the diffusers from Skandinavisk are a point of pride at our house; I have one on every floor and visitors are always asking where we picked them up. (And they last forever.)

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