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Hometown? Portland, Pennsylvania

Favorite spot in the Twin Cities? Riverview theater for a good movie, and I always go in the powder room after the movie and just hang out for a second it's so cool in there! Gardens of Salonica, a greek restaurant. It's a simple restaurant with beautiful light.

Coffee, tea, or cocktail (and how do you take it)?​ At this point tea: Ginger or Raspberry Leaf. When I'm not pregnant it's a cocktail. Dry vodka martini with so many olives: just two of those and I'm a different lady. 

In a few words, explain your style: Comfort is really important to me and I am attracted to special design, when there is something unanticipated and creative there. I also like a small element of vintage to what I wear whether in color, texture, etc.

Any daily rituals? Omega Fish Oil capsules and spoonful of olive oil. Once this dry weather hits I moisturize from the inside out and it's amazing.​ Lots of walking around Saint Paul.

One piece of advice you’ve taken to heart: "​Figure out wha​t you want. Say it loud. Then shut up."

Which is your favorite? Nomia Assymetrical Turtleneck Mauve. Everything from Nomia is unlike anything else, and ​what she (the designer, Yara) makes is functional but also has something so uncommon to it. Also this sweater is the most beautiful color!

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