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Owatonna, MN

Favorite spot in the Twin Cities?
Anywhere, so long as the weather is great.

Coffee, tea, or cocktail (and how do you take it)?
I hate having to choose, so all three! Coffee strong and black, any kind of green tea, and an Old Fashioned.

In a few words, explain your style:
Eclectic. I'll wear anything ... it just depends on my mood.

Any daily rituals?
Hot lemon water with rosemary and peppermint oil; it's a refreshing and healthy tonic. And I'll eat at least one fresh fruit every day.

One piece of advice you’ve taken to heart:
"Nobody thinks about me as much as me." What I take from this is to not be self-conscious or worry about inconsequential things I might say, do, or wear because chances are that other people haven't even gave it a second thought (we're our own biggest critic). On the flip side of that, if you DO want people to take notice than you really need to make waves.

WISHLIST: Binu Binu, Shaman Black Charcoal Soap; HOPE, Very Blouse; NEAL, Axiom Earrings; Shaina Mote, Tether Top; KAAREM, Sediment Long Sleeve Onesie; Diemme, Roccia Vet; Priory, Mikir Shirt; 7115 By Szeki, Mockneck Merino; Shaina Mote, Jasper Skirt; Norse Projects, Embla Wool Jersey.

Out of the 8-10 items you chose which is your favorite?
Among these items, the Kaarem Sediment Long Sleeve Onesie is my favorite. I still remember the first time I picked it up off the rack, and then realizing it wasn't a dress but actually has legs! And the shape of the neckline is so beautiful. It looks like something an important person would wear in a futuristic world and I would wear it today.

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