Minneapolis, MN

Favorite spot in the Twin Cities?
Either Milwaukee Avenue in Seward, or the Schmidt Brewery in West 7th.

Coffee, tea, or cocktail (and how do you take it)?
Cocktail: The Bloody Mary at Tattersall.

In a few words, explain your style:
Exaggerated silhouettes; slightly messy.

Any daily rituals?
I wash my face with Binu Binu Facial Soap twice daily and drink lots of water. I also use apple cider vinegar for everything.

One piece of advice you’ve taken to heart:
Never overdress for an occasion.

Diemme Fontesi Linton; Studio Nicholson Cappa Top; Mari Guidicelli Gavea Loafers; Studio Nicholson Hopper Coat; Nomia Slit Back Duster; NOMIA Snap Front JacketShaina Mote Ori Pant; Stutterheim Raincoat (navy); Rachel Comey Thessaly.

Which is your favorite? 
I love the Mari Guidicelli Gavea Loafers. I love the shape of the wooden heels on these. They stand out, but still look timeless. 

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