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Murder, She Wore
To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 
/ Grounded / A short poem by Karen Harvey, inspired by early memories of oppression and a longing for freedom and adventure. Popshot Magazine.
/ Yara Flinn: On Quitting Fashion Week / "I worried too much about how the run of show is going to look, and I'm just like — this isn't what my brands, that's not what I want, I want easy clothes, I want everyday clothes, I want statement pieces that people are going to wear all the time." Fashionista.
/ Chance the Rapper Colors Outside the Lines / "Though mass-produced, a coloring book gives every person who utilizes it an opportunity to create their own version of reality. You can choose to use lighter or darker colors. You can draw inside the lines or stray away from the format. Either way we are all given some basic outline of how to exist, and we have to fill in that space with whatever makes the most sense to your personal experience." The Green Room / Walker Art Center. 
/ Murder, She Wore / Over 12 seasons solving mysteries, Jessica Fletcher occasionally wore something interesting. Tumblr.
/ John Waters: 'Stop Blaming Your Parents' / "I always feel bad when I meet celebrities and I can just tell every single thing about their personal life, I just say, 'Well, they don’t have friends. Or a therapist.' Once you have both, you don’t have to share everything with people, because then you don’t have a private life, and then you’re, I guess, a workaholic." The Talks.

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