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Skott reveals jaw-dropping pop ballad “Wolf” ahead of live debut in SwedenPROVOKE


To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus 

/ The Antihero's New Clothes / "A nuanced, but controversial depiction of self-proclaimed feminist characters, whose often unspoken moral stance is gradually revealed to us through the language of clothes." Vestoj.

/ My 10 Favorite Books: Tilda Swinton / "Completely sick. In all the right ways." The New York Times. 

/ We've Forgotten the Power of Humility / "In listening to others, we run the risk of discovering that they know more than we do. But humble people see personal growth as a goal in itself, rather than as a means of moving up the social ladder. We miss out on a lot of available information if we focus only on ourselves and on our place in the world." Aeon.

/ Skott Reveals 'Wolf' Ahead of Live Sweden Debut / "Sometimes you can't control what you feel," says Skott of the song's meaning. "No matter how we change ourselves on the surface, there's an instinct inside of us we can't ignore." The Line of Best Fit.

/ 19th-Century Modern / "The jacquard was the first automatic machine for weaving patterns and images of any great complexity and, more than 200 years on, it remains a mainstay of the textile industry...The elaborate, intricate patterns created by a jacquard loom are an ever-present across furniture, accessories, garments and footwear. Disegno.



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