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To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ Profile in Obsession: Rich Collins, Endive Farmer / “We can have good; we can have bad. There’s some beautiful stuff coming up and some other stuff that’s wacky and wild. Because it’s a farm. We just happen to grow inside in the dark. It’s my lot in life.” Lucky Peach.

/ Miuccia Prada Likes to Disturb / “Because she, too, has a disregard for conventions of taste, for the constraints of history, for putting things in their proper place.” DOCUMENT.

/ The Eye of Baudelaire / “I found this so sad, imagining a city in which everyone blindfolded themselves in public, stumbling through the streets guided by noises and banisters, removing their masks only when alone or in the presence of people they knew.” The Paris Review.

/ Villa Savoye / “As a monument to Modernism, the building possesses a poetry and sensitivity full of idealism.” CEREAL.

/ Studio Martens & Visser Explores The Boundary Between Usability & Alienation / “Central to their work are the themes of movement and transformation inspired by nature, set in between usability and alienation.” This Is Paper.