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To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ Take Me to the Burger King Spa / “When brands, slogans, and logos are so braided into your consciousness, they'll take on an emotional valence. Nostalgia is the engine of desire.” The Paris Review.

/ Finding a Bit of Rio in New York City With Designer and Model Mari Giudicelli / "They’re a staple, like hot dogs are here in the U.S." Vogue.

/ Rebecca Horn: A Stimulating Body of Works / "Extensions of the body have remained a prevalent theme in Horn's work ever since, each creating an intimate separation between the performer and their world." AnOther

/ The Self on Display / "Women should be on pedestals. Like art. Sometimes. Or look like they've stepped out of a portrait." Vestoj. 

/ Brutalism Is Back / "Brutalism was an attempt to create an architectural ethic, rather than an aesthetic. It had less to do with materials and more to do with honesty: an uncompromising desire to tell it like it is, architecturally speaking. The New York Times.



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