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To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ TWO POEMS / “Habitual catalogue of the day, intro ft. blossom fallen from a gated property and crisping on the pavement’s piss-streaked sun, kicked out of shape by the advance of a woman whose feet pass quickly.” The White Review.

/ It Looks Like It Says / Geoff McFeetridge Exhibit / “There is a little bit of confusion in the familiarity of it.” Joshua Liner Gallery.

/ Inside the World of Hair Artist Sam McKnight / “One is greeted by a suitcase that has exploded its myriad of brushes, combs, bands, products, clips, and anything else remotely hair-related onto transparent shelves for all to see.” AnOther.

/ 9 Italian Art Terms You Should Know / “In contemporary fashion, sprezzatura describes the look of artful dishevelment—the ability to appear put together while wearing mismatched patterns or a crooked bow tie.” Artsy.  

/ SHAPED IN STONE / “My Gaze turns to the surrounding walls, which are illuminated in a warm, golden hue, carved like swirls of butterscotch.” CEREAL.



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