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Provoke. 14.



To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ CECILIA POUPON / “Throughout her work, lighting seems harsh yet soft, as the colours are washed out and the white features become more apparent.” PITCH - PRESENT.

/ A Mesmerizing Marathon of Robert Frank's Movies / “They are jagged and elliptical. They subvert precepts of genre, story, and technique.” The New Yorker.

/ On Beauty: Parsifal / “The expressive power of the music is extraordinary, viscerally conveying pathos, decay, melancholy, and doom, but then rising to heights of shimmering celestial bliss, a kind of crystalline perfection for which we have come to long during endless passages of terrible ambiguity.” Aesop: The Fabulist.

/ 6 Wild Beauty Looks Inspired By Music / “Looks inspired by the way David Bowie used makeup and beauty to express his style.” The Cut.

/ Penguin's Modern Poet Series / “Exciting poetry capable of speaking deeply to, challenging, and exciting its readers is being written on a staggering scale.” Electric Literature.


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