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Provoke. 12.



To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ The Most Famous Cloud in the World / “The man who conjures clouds indoors, shows the magic behind his temporary sculptures.” Nowness.

/ The Proust Questionnaire: From Literary Curio to Prestige Quiz / “We can surely recognize the everlasting unease of the great psychologist who, in his subtle turns of phrase, strived to reflect the most elusive nuances of thought no matter what.” The New Yorker.

/ A Photo Series, with Audience Participation / “Visually, his images observe the play of light and time passing, depicting sculptural paper as a weighty constant that brings meteorites to mind.” The New York Times.

/ On Working For Andy Warhol, Good Content & Ricky Martin / “It’s mildly addictive and it’s engaging on several levels. It engages you emotionally and it engages you intellectually. The New Potato.

/ Music For The Trees | Mix 015: Tsukasa Ito / “The story, where heaven and earth, cosmic and human compounds.” This Is Paper.