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Provoke. 10 .



To stir up purposely; provide a needed stimulus

/ KIMMO METSÄRANTA 'NOTES ON A PLACE' / “The images are isolated abstractions, modified interpretations, bare structures with only the essentials left.” Pitch-Present

/ Gold Collar / “I invent a mirror in an empty booth. I invent a charge of pinned down quarters and cut off shirtsleeves.” Vestoj

/ The Way We Dress: The Transformative Power of Clothes / “Our sartorial choices manifest as an extension of ourselves, a reflection of our personalities – whether or not we are wholly aware of this.” Nowness

/ A Beloved Swedish Outerwear Brand Settles in New York / “Alexander Stutterheim — who founded the brand with Loman in 2010 — drew initial inspiration from a classic 1960s fisherman’s raincoat that belonged to his grandfather.” NY Times

/ Moments of Depth: What Makes A Memorable Image / “It’s the quiet, everyday, ordinary sort of little pictures that stick that fascinate me, the ones that are harder to explain.” Aeon



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