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Musings: Suzanne Rae

Each season Suzanne Rae’s collections inspire us at Idun and her AW17 collection is no different. Her designs are filled with surprises, like her V-Back Dress that incorporates a body suit underneath or her SS16 blouse with, “I am not your seductress” cleverly sewn near the hem. These surprises are not of the “shock art” variety but rather much more subtle and secure. Suzanne Rae’s collections have depth. In our culture today, where everything is quick and easy, and the easy way out is “shock” we appreciate Suzanne Rae’s thought-through and creative details. She pushes the boundaries but not in a way that is “pushing boundaries for pushing boundaries sake”. It’s clear she has a goal and a complete thought behind each piece she designs. Her recent collection includes a recycled cashmere sweater with a crest that contains the words, “Liberté, Égalité, and Feminist”. These small details make us feel special. When we put her designs on we feel as though we have a secret something we can share or keep to ourselves for our own delight.

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