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What is your background? Is it specifically in fashion design?
Design is actually my second degree from Parsons. Before that I went to Bryn Mawr for undergrad where I studied economics, art history and women's studies and worked at Holly Solomon's gallery before going back to school.

What keeps you stable during the chaos of your work?
Netflix and Hulu.

What people/places/things do you find yourself consistently going back to for inspiration?
The 80s and 90s in terms of not only fashion, but music and pop culture. I love old Pierre Cardin and Claude Montana, as well as old Bally and Benetton. With music I especially like anything new wave and dream pop. As for movies, I love Heathers, Working Girl, City of Lost Children and Reality Bites. I guess in general I turn to things with a bit of glamour combined with surrealism, as well as Indi vibes. It's what I know and grew up with. Then, I top it with a minimalist sensibility.

Do you feel there is a specific piece that is iconic within your AW16 line? Maybe one that you feel most inspired by, or simply your favorite?
I love the ruffle neck blouse. To me it briefly summarizes the collection  a bit romantic with the ruffle, a bit sport with the raglan sleeve and the cotton/nylon and in the end, its own complete thought. 

When designing do you enjoy collaboration or are you more of an independent artist?
I like to come up with the concept and direction on my own; it's what separates myself as a designer. But I love asking the opinions of several friends whose taste and perspective I respect. It's always insightful.

If you weren’t a designer, what other occupation could you see yourself in?Academia

Current book you’re reading, or current song or album you’ve been listening to?
Goddesses In Everywoman by Jean Shinoda Bolen.

What’s your life mantra?
No regrets.

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