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INTERVIEW. Shaina Mote

This month Idun had the pleasure to interview L.A.-based designer Shaina Mote. Her eponymous label incorporates a monochromatic palette and clean lines with hints of unexpected and inventive details. Each piece is designed and constructed in Los Angeles. Shaina Mote is new to Idun this season and we hope you enjoy getting to know the designer behind one of our favorite brands on Selby Avenue.

What is your background? Is it specifically in fashion design?
My background is in pattern making, vintage buying and creative direction. Though I am a self-taught designer, these experiences directly fueled my ideas and process behind the creation of the line.

Did you ever doubt yourself as a designer? If so, do you have any advice for those trying to conquer similar doubts?
I still doubt myself all the time. I think doubt is a hurdle all creative people encounter. I believe that without taking risks and pushing into new territory creatively, culture suffers from stagnant ideas. I think the idea of taking a second look at something is beneficial and wise. However, I always have to be careful to not overwork an idea due to my own doubts about it.  

I think the search for perfection holds us back from reaching new potential collectively as a society. I find that when I can let go and not overwork an idea is when the outcome, reaction and feeling behind it is most authentic. I want to live in a world of authenticity—this is my personal motivation to overcome my doubts and move on with the seed of an idea.

What keeps you stable during the chaos of your work?
Palo Santo wood, chai tea, my dog Enzo and the amazing people I work with daily.

What people/place/things do you find yourself consistently going back to for inspiration?
Richard Serra’s installation work, the open sky in the Southwest, White Sands, NM, the music of Laaraji, the Picasso Museum in Paris, the ranch I grew up on...the list goes on.

If you weren’t a designerwhat other occupation could you see yourself in?
An architect or permaculture landscape designer.

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