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INTERVIEW: Sarah Nsikak of La Reunion

Sarah Nsikak is a Nigerian-American living in Brooklyn, New York. Her love of textiles led her to working in the fashion industry for several years after completing a Masters Degree in Art Therapy. The exorbitant amount of waste generated in the fashion industry inspired a re-routing back to her art practice.

Using recycled material sourced from fashion designers based in New York and textiles sourced through vintage stores Nsikak creates one of a kind patchwork dresses. Her brand, La Réunion, is named after the island off the coast of Madagascar. The dresses are influenced by the vibrant stories of African culture, post colonial African countries, ideas surrounding reclaimed beauty, togetherness, color, joy, and inviting ones self back to what was always there all along. Each of the dresses are wearable art pieces meant to empower, embolden, and inspire all while telling the stories of Africa.

We are so excited to carry La Réunion at Idun. We had the chance to ask Sarah Nsikak a few quick questions to get to know her better... 

Current book you’re reading?
I've been slowly reading a publication called Anaise, and it's been giving me so much motivation to refine my work and take a step back and maybe to pair down too. 

Favorite recipe you go back to over and over?
Lately, my partner and I have been making fried tofu, rice and veggie bowls! But a favorite always and forever is fried plantains with jollof rice. My mom makes it every time I'm home and nothing compares. 

Product you can’t live without?
I'm not very into products, but lately I've been using Saie's foundation that has spf. It feels like I'm not wearing anything on my face and gives a bit of a glow. In actuality, I don't think I could live without Native the natural deodorant! 

Where is your favorite place to pass the time, or take a break?
The park by my house has been a constant for me, even in the years when I didn't live in this part of Brooklyn. I also really love being in any used book store with a good variety of art books.

Have you let anything go recently- an object, belief, goal, way of thinking or doing that has made you a better or happier person?
I've let go of the idea that anything, whether it's a project, friendship, routine, etc, is meant to last forever. Allowing space for healthy endings has been so freeing. It's making me think about my work in entirely new ways as well. I've been thinking about how devastated I was when so many doors were closed to me in the past, and now I have the perspective to have gratitude for the endings.

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