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INTERVIEW: Kelly Thorn

We recently created a pin inspired by our namesake, IDUN, the Norse Goddess of spring, vitality, and rejuvenation. This pin is that much more special because the artwork is created by our friend, graphic designer, and licensed tattoo artist Kelly Thorn. Kelly works out of her studio in Greenpoint, Brooklynn and you can find more of her inspiring work here.

We recently asked Kelly to share a few things that inspire her and keep her balanced as a multi-disciplinary artist.

What keeps you stable during the chaos of your week?
I try (and often fail!) to have a consistent slow morning routine to center myself before starting the day. I have some yogurt, write my morning pages, try to sit still for a couple minutes, then move my body around to stir the pot. A consistent routine like that really reminds my body that I’m okay, even though my messy mind thrives on chaos.
What people/place/things do you find yourself consistently going back to for inspiration? 
I am always reinvigorated by getting to a botanical garden, The Whitney, or PS1 in Queens. I also really love Helen Frankenthaler, Cy Twombly, Matisse, and literally everything from the Weiner Werkstatte. 
Any specific material or color you feel drawn to recently?
Organza! I found this organza scarf in St. Paul during my last visit and I love how it looks around a top bun. Makes me feel like a cute little angel with a cloud overhead. I’m also so excited to wear anything in lightweight woven cotton as it gets warmer out.
Current book or publication you’re reading?
I’m finishing up Trick Mirror by Jia Tolentino. It has absolutely gutted me in the best way. Now I’m reading Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, a romantic thriller from the 30s. I also subscribe to The Smudge, a monthly newspaper/zine/crossword/horoscope/classifieds put out by pals at Caboose in LA. 
Current song or album you’ve been listening to?
I’m loving Soccer Mommy’s new album color theory! I also love to tune into Wet Jazz, a radio show on Bushwick local radio station KPISS. The DJ is Maisie Broome, who is the most brilliant marbling artist. 
What are 3 products you can’t live without?
I love Noto Multi-Benne Lip Stain for my lips and cheeks for redness where I want it, my DIY blue tansy oil balm for redness where I don’t want it, and I loooove CB I Hate Perfume’s Soaked Earth oil for everywhere else.
Where is your favorite place to pass the time, or take a break?
I get up to Harriman State Park with my dog Moonie as much as possible and just let her run free! It’s easy to get to from NYC by train, and the craggy rocks and wild blueberries in the summer make it feel like I’m in Maine.
If you weren’t an artist/graphic designer-- what other occupation could you see yourself in?
Oh man, I ask myself this everyday! I like to think that I could still become a handful of these: A marine biologist, a lounge singer, an SNL cast member, a ranch hand, a mechanic, a doula, a writer. I think I’d be a really good ranch hand. I would raise goats and dogs and we’d all just have the best time together.
Words you live by day to day?
“Stop should-ing yourself” -my therapist :)

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