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Idun at home cont'd...

Next up, Andi!

"Film: The Love Witch. Not only is this movie campy and thoughtful, director Anna Biller created all of the gorgeous costumes. A perfect film if you’re craving some color. 

Book: 60 Stories by Donald Barthelme. This has been my favorite collection of stories since I was 18, and that comforts me during such a stressful time. It’s bizarre and surreal, much like current events. 

Listen to Andi's Maybe Baby Playlist HERE.

This playlist is dedicated to my fellow plague mothers, and babies! You probably didn’t envision going through this during a pandemic; I see you and hope that these difficult times aren’t robbing you of your excitement and joy. Most of the songs I chose are off of my baby shower playlist that may or may not be cancelled, so I’m glad that I can at least share them with you. Cheers!"


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