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Deconstructed Still Life

From Egyptian tombs to Renaissance oil paintings, Still Life compositions have played a large role in world history. Profound symbolism is found in what may seem like simple depictions of fruit, vegetables and inanimate objects. From cultural, religious, and moral metaphors to analogies of reproduction, fertility, and even death, these compositions are rich with meaning. A Still Life as a work of art can be evocative, expressive, or purposefully somber. The photographs that make up Deconstructed Still Life were created during the shoot for our AW16 film, Singer Sargent, and taken by photographer Caylon Hackwith. In his own words, the project "...explores the deconstruction of sensuality and the body as inspired by Dutch still lives."

You are invited to view the photographs up close in the shop; they will be displayed for the next few weeks. We hope you find inspiration and enjoyment from them.