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Dahlia's Wishlist

1.) Idun Candle: I'm so proud of this collaboration we did with NaNin to develop a candle that smelled like IDUN. We pulled all of the Scandinavian notes that I grew up with. 
2.) Xinow Socks: My house is a sock on always house. It's an old St. Paul home, a little drafty, very cozy. My FAVORITE activity is reading my fantasy book curled up like golem next to a fire drinking whiskey with these on. Bless.
3.) Lucia Bustier: This under a blazer or sheer top is perfect. I love The Great Eros. They are wonderful humans and I love everything they make. I feel great in everything I own by them.
4.) Repose, 2023: The intimacy of this piece is so inspiring. I'm not a super vulnerable person so I like to surround myself with work that has a lot of openness to them.
5.) Helmi Cropped Crew Sweater: If you put this sweater on you will never take it off. It's a sleeper favorite piece. The color is so fun and helps with sad winter vibes. It's cotton so it's soft! The fit is great. Truly I want this in my closet.

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