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Caylon Hackwith / INTERVIEW

Here at Idun we have worked side by side with Caylon Hackwith many times. He is one of our absolute favorite artists. Working as an Art Director, Photographer, and Videography we got to ask him a few questions about his creative journey. Read the interview below and check out his portfolio HERE.
Here at Idun we love your aesthetic and clear point of view. Have you always had such a specific creative perspective, or has it evolved over time? Was there an experience, mentor, artist or theory that was instrumental in your career and creative journey?
The things I’m inspired or distracted by are definitely always changing, but I think the ideas and general aesthetics of projects I’m working on now are surprisingly (to me) similar to things I made ten years ago. In and after college I was working in the art world, so that formed the way I thought about making work. I was most interested in conceptual artists, mostly Minimalists, and mostly sculptors. I remember going to see one particular exhibition many times, an exhibition called “The Quick and the Dead” at the Walker that I think back on a lot. I still go to shows often, but my focus has shifted some to architecture.
Do you have any rituals or routines when photographing, art directing, or editing?
It’s really different for every project. If I get in too much of a routine, I get bored.
Where have you recently found inspiration?
Standing at the window of a building on the 24th floor during a tropical storm, looking out on nothing but a dense white that was the fog.
What is your favorite part of the creative process? Least favorite?

I’m not really interested in being the artist that works alone in his or her studio. I like the camaraderie of being on set or sitting down and writing with a partner. The worst part of the process for me is promoting my work after it’s made.
With your work you are able to travel all over the world. What city/place/area has felt most inspiring? Is there a specific place you find yourself traveling back to over and over again because you feel most creatively “at home” or are new cities where you feel most inspired?
I’ve never been as interested in history as I feel like most people are, so I generally seek out places that are attempting to define contemporary life and design. I'm continually drawn back to Mexico, and Mexico City specifically. There is a lot of energy and beauty there. But for me, fresh eyes in a new place will always refresh the creative juices. I don’t think I’ll ever stop looking for the ‘next place'.
Any words/mantras you live by?
Just don’t let yourself get too comfortable.
What piece of advice would you have given your 20 year old self?
Just make things and get them out in the world before you overthink them.  
Any advice for photographers/artists looking to go freelance?
Make friendly with everyone around you that you think does something better than you do, and pull them into your projects.
What would be your last meal on earth?

Soup dumplings and a barrel of sake.

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