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Catalog No. 1

Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall
"Through her prose, Mikki Kendall exposes the egregious blind spots of the feminist movement and gave me a better understanding of how to fight for the rights of all women, not just the ones who look like me. To gain equality for all, some of us, myself included, will have to swallow some difficult truths—this may be inconvenient and uncomfortable, but this is precisely what it takes to stand in solidarity and to listen to the voices of the women who have been oppressed by a movement that should’ve been helping them all along.” — excerpt from Kirsten Miller in Idun’s recent journal post of must-readsOrder Hood Feminism from Semicolon, Chicago’s only black woman-owned bookstore HERE.  
Artist, Kenesha Sneed
L.A.-based designer, art director, painter, and ceramicist. Working between two worlds; the digital and the natural Kenesha Sneed's art is one of form, function, and expressive colors. Discover her work HERE.

BlackFem Inc.
A feminist organization that focuses on giving girls of color the confidence, skills, and resources to build and sustain wealth. Utilizing an integrative educational model, school partnerships, and with a focus on intersectional feminism BlackFem empowers underserved communities. Donate and learn more about BlackFem HERE.
Le Cinema Club
Rather than one film here is a list of films featured on Le Cinema Club by a young British-Nigerian filmmaker and artist Ayo Akingbade. The list of films she loves engage with the history of race, protest, and political struggle. Find the list of films HERE.
Sincerely Tommy
This Brooklyn-based concept store focuses on emerging women's wear and art. Owned by Kai Avent-deLeon, the shop is a constant source of inspiration and community empowerment. Discover more HERE.

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