Rachel Schultz Studio

Rachel Schultz (b. 1992, Manhattan) is an American artist currently based in St. Paul, MN. She was surrounded by paints and canvas at a young age with her mother working for Oliphant Studio, where they paint large backdrops for iconic nyc photoshoots and events. Schultz studied Psychology and Studio Art at St. Olaf College and refined her painting practice at Boston's School of The Museum of Fine Arts where she studied under artist Elaine Spatz-Rabinowitz. Her practice spans various subject matter; from domestic scenes to the purely abstract and ethereal. Poetic and lyrical mark making are a constant in both her large scale oil paintings and her miniature watercolors. Blending images from her own life along with inspiration from literature, the Romantic Era, mythological and religious symbolism Schultz paintings pull the viewer in and out of reality. Both in process and in the final works a back-and-forth of abstract and representational underlies each piece. The results are fluctuations of intimate subtleties and bold gestures, always rewarding the attentive viewer with definitive strokes and contemplative color palettes. Schultz works are currently exhibited at Picture Room and Assembly Line in Brooklyn Heights, as well as, at Colbo and Duo in New York City’s East Village.


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