Launched in 2005, No.6 began as an under-the-radar shop in the Little Italy/Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan, carrying curated vintage and European designers. Since its advent, No.6 has garnered a cult following for their handmade shoes and aspirational yet accessible ready to wear collection. No.6 takes great pride in its manufacturing practices, domestically producing both its signature clothing line and clogs. Owner and designer Karin Bereson’s goal is to create pieces that can be worn over and over, and can easily complement a woman’s existing wardrobe. In her own words, No.6 is a brand for “anyone, anytime, anywhere.” The company culture relies on having something for everyone, and creating pieces that feel both directional and completely wearable.

No.6 Kelli Jacket-No.6 fleece jacket-fleece winter coat-fleece winter jacket-No.6 Kelli-Idun-St. Paul
Sizes available:
No.6-No.6 scout turtleneck-patterned turtleneck-No.6 turtleneck-Idun-St. Paul
Sizes available:
S, M, L
No.6 Stephanie Skirt-Stephanie Skirt-No.6-burgundy skirt-faux leather skirt-fall leather skirt-Idun-St.Paul
Sizes available:
0, 1, 2

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