Created by Jina Kim, Circumference is an all-natural skincare brand that is not only effective but also sustainably sourced. With over 1,000 proven-harmful chemicals being used in cosmetics and beauty products today Circumference is committed to being 100% toxin-free. Their oils are cold-pressed or temperature-controlled expeller pressed to ensure natural enzymes within the plants are protected from excess friction and extreme temperature. In addition, botanicals are extracted using a lengthy process called phytoextraction. This process takes 4x’s as long as chemical or solvent extraction, but ensures no harmful chemicals are used. Circumference is committed to replenishing our skin and replenishing the earth. After the extraction process the natural and nutrient-rich byproducts are separated and sent to nearby farms in upstate, NY to be used as compost, fertilizer or feed for livestock. Finally, Circumference never uses single-use plastic and only works with recyclable materials such as glass and paper. Circumference continues to invest efforts into finding and testing biodegradable materials for their packaging. In the end Circumference is a product that is both effective and ethical.    


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