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Gesture 1. 8 X 11"

$ 80.00
From the collection entitled "Gestures"
Artist Statement 
"Each gesture that I drew came very naturally and the following gesture was always effected by the previous form I had made. I realized through doing this there was something hidden and symbolic. This act of creating forms where one movement effected the next and so on and so forth represented something true about humanity.
There are two distinct sections to this body of work. The first is the inner gesture and it’s relation to self. How the act of one movement affects the act of our next movement. If self-contempt or negative sentiments are present our next gesture will not naturally be joyous or confident. Most likely something cynical or sullen will follow.
The next series- Gesture 6, 7,and 8 are a reflection of our gestures effecting others. Our movements, moods, joys and dullness drift outwardly and these effect those around us and eventually, others around them.
To recognize where we are in life and why we feel the way we do- it may help to look at our own gestures and the gestures of those we are standing next to."
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Origin & Care

Ink and Gouache on paper.

Gesture 1. 8 X 11"Gesture 1. 8 X 11"Gesture 1. 8 X 11"Gesture 1. 8 X 11"Gesture 1. 8 X 11"Gesture 1. 8 X 11"