Universal Stick

$ 24.00

Inspired by the rare cedar forest of Alyko in Naxos, this unisex lip and cheek stain transforms on contact with the skin, changing color as a result of micro-encapsulated pigments that activate once rubbed after application: blooming into a warm, sheer shade that gives a natural, sun kissed glow. Use on its own or with lipsticks and glosses to create unique, jeweled tones. Shade name: Cedar.

These junipers usually live 200 to 300 years; we believe this product and color are equally timeless and universal.

Usage: Apply to lips and cheeks, over or under makeup. Gently rub with fingertips to release encapsulated pigments for more intense color.

Origin & Care

Not tested on animals. Paraben-free. Fragrance-free. Hypoallergenic.

Made in New York.

Universal StickUniversal StickUniversal StickUniversal StickUniversal Stick