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Duet Ring Set

$ 168.00

A pair of bronze rings. Nesting and harmonious. 


Use the steps below and conversion guide to determine your ring size.

Wrap: Start by wrapping a string, a strip of paper, or a measuring tape around the finger you want to measure.

Mark: Carefully mark the point where the ends meet.

Measure: Use a ruler and measure the length that you marked on your measuring tool.

Size 5: 15.6 mm
Size 6: 16.5 mm
Size 7: 17.3 mm

Origin & Care


Made in Seattle.

These handmade pieces are sensitive to the elements and appreciate regular maintenance and care. Jewelry should be removed when bathing, exercising, or cleaning.

Faris Duet Ring Set Bronze-Idun-St. PaulFaris Duet Ring Set Bronze-Idun-St. Paul

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