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'repetition, celadon'

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These works titled, ‘Repetition’ inspired by Edward Hopper’s 1909 ‘Summer Interior’ are a series created during quarantine and inspired by concepts of redundancy, domesticity, the ever-present quiet chaos so often found in Hopper’s work and a sliver of fanatic hope. A yearning to redefine and reinvent Hopper’s translation of what it means to be a woman.

"Hopper’s portrayal of women consistently exhibit emotions of despondency, anxiety, submissiveness, and defeat. When coming across ‘Summer Interior’ I recognized this isolated female. I found myself repeatedly drawing this woman, maybe subconsciously with the hopes of reframing her personhood. The painting’s subdued dark colors and Hopper’s concentrated brushstrokes pushed me to go the opposite direction. Opposing Hopper’s interpretation I seized my artist markers. Choosing the brightest colors I became entranced in trying to rework and amend Hopper’s translation, over and over drawing her in a frenzy of repetition. Relaying the reclined woman in buoyant gestural strokes while subtracting the unmade bed and falling sheets from the picture a metamorphosis takes place. Still, she is engaged in her own thoughts, taking no notice of those around her, but rather than disconsolate and depressed she is relaxed. She transmits a dreaming spirit, reveling in the moment and the possibilities of her future." - Rachel Schultz 


12" x 15"

Origin & Care

Created used artist grade marker on paper.

In a custom maple wood frame.

Rachel Schultz Studio-repetition-Idun-St. PaulRachel Schultz Studio-repetition-Idun-St. Paul

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