Poet Sleeves Sweater

$ 261.00

Loose and romantic cotton sweater. Crewneck and poet sleeves. Yak and merino blend.

Dubbed the “new cashmere”, yak wool is an and incredibly soft and warm fiber that we can’t get enough of this winter. It derives from the coat hairs of the yak, a bovine animal found mainly in the Himalayan region, Tibetan plateau and Mongolia. Yak wool is incredibly warm and its softness and strength is comparable to that of cashmere. Yak wool harvested by hand-combing when the yak hair sheds annually in the spring.

Yak is blended with merino for extra natural warmth and softness. It also enhances the beneficial properties of both fibers: their breathability, non-allergenic nature and resistance to odor.


XS - Bust: 52" , Length: 21"
S - Bust: 54", Length: 22"
M - Bust: 56", Length: 22.5"
L - Bust: 58" , Length: 23"

Origin & Care

50% yak, 50% extrafine merino wool.

Can be hand washed cold and laid flat to dry. Dry clean is best.

Poet Sleeves SweaterPoet Sleeves SweaterPoet Sleeves SweaterPoet Sleeves Sweater